THERMOTEC Thermocouple

Termopares para altas temperaturas

THERMOTEC Thermocouple

Temperature stable thermocouple, resistant against abrasion, corrosion and oxidation.
THERMOTEC robust and temperature stable thermocouple

THERMOTEC® high temperature thermocouples are available in two versions for temperatures up to 1100°C and 1400°C.

Both versions are provided with a PROTEC® protection tube, which is highly resistant against chemical attacks and erosion and guarantees a long life under difficult process conditions.
THERMOTEC® high temperature thermocouples for temperatures up to 1400°C consist of the PROTEC® protection tube with aluminium or grey cast iron connection heads and one or two NiCr-Ni or PtRh-Pt thermocouples.

Special designs with other dimensions or other material according to customers requirements are avaiable on request.

Technical Data
Max. flue gas temperature
1400 °C
PROTEC (Protection tube)
aluminium & grey cast iron (connection head)
NiCr-Ni / PtRh-Pt
Immersion depth
500 - 2000mm
Diameter Protection tube
20 mm or 25mm
  • Process temperature measurement
  • Temperature stability up to 1400°C
  • Highly resistant against abrasion, corrosion and oxidation
  • Excellent thermal conductivity of protection tube
  • Excellent thermo-shock resistance
  • Protection tube gastight and robust