Systems Engineering

System solutions for the measurement of various gas components

Systems Engineering

Our flexibility allows us to quickly develop solutions individually designed to meet your needs. On request, we also offer after delivery service concepts - world wide.
We develop solution for your specific problems - ENOTECs system engineering

ENOTEC quality gas analyzer systems are used worldwide as complete solutions for process and emission measurements to optimise combustion systems. The monitoring of combustion processes, ranges from complex analyzer systems for ensuring system safety to compliance with country-specific environmental regulations for emission measurements such as:

  • 13. BImSchV - Large combustion and gas turbine plants
  • 17. BImSchV - Incineration or co-incineration of waste
  • 27. BImSchV - Cremation facilities
  • 30. BImSchV - Facilities for biological treatment of waste
  • TA Luft - Other facilities for compulsory inspection

ENOTEC is an ISO 9001 certified company and uses applicable VDE standards and EU directives, not only for optimal design, installation and commissioning of complete analyzer systems from a single source, but also provides competent advice and professional after sales service.

ENOTEC offers individual concepts, whether supplying a system with a single probe of its own production, to project specific systems combining ENOTEC products with external products to turnkey emission measurements in an analyzeranalyzer container.

Being an independent systems engineering manufacturer, ENOTEC has been cooperating for over 30 years with almost all major manufacturers of components and analyzers, offering perfectly configured analyzer systems to meet diverse customers requirements.

Our wealth of experience and know-how guarantee reliable, functional and low maintenance system solutions for the measurement of different gas components, especially when confronted with complex challenges. ENOTEC is synonymous with tailor-made applications which are embedded in a comprehensive service concept and lead to lasting customer satisfaction. This satisfaction is based on the confidence in the accuracy and speed of the measurement, as well as in the quality of the system.