Process Analysis

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The systematic study of processes is referred to in general as process analysis. This may be usefull in both an economic and technical sense. The process analysis is used to understand the process more fully, and by analyzing this information, the process can thus be substantially optimized.

ENOTEC specializes in process analysis to optimize the combustion and for emission monitoring. We are able to supply you with innovative analyzer technology made in Germany, which have the advantages of precision and robustness.

Opt for the process analysis technology from ENOTEC and permanently minimize the energy consumption of your combustion plant by controlling your combustion processes optimally. The ISO9001 quality assurance and certification by an independent German test laboratory, at all times guarantee precision and the highest of safety standards when using our analyzers.


OXITEC® analyzer systems are the industry standard for all combustion related O2 measurements. Our COMTEC® analyzers are ideal for combustion optimization, which allow a fast O2 and COe process analysis. Here you have several models to choose from for gas analysis. With CEMTEC® analyzers it is possible to continuously and reliably measure the O2 and COe at high temperatures. Drying processes can be to optimized with the right technology thanks to the precise measurement of water vapor and oxygen analysis with AQUATEC®.

  • Sustainable process analysis
  • Emissions reduction
  • Robust measuring sensors
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • On request: lease our analysis systems!
  • Reliable oxygen measurement with OXITEC®
  • Innovative products for flue gas analysis from ENOTEC
  • Accurate oxygen analysis technology from the market leaders