Oxygen Analyzers

More than 35 years of experience

ENOTEC: suitable O2 analyzers for each measurement task

The oxygen analyzer: Essential for the optimization of combustion processes and used in the industry daily in thousands of power plants and incinerators. Based on the oxygen analyzer developed by Westinghouse (model 218), ENOTEC has continuously developed the zirconia technology producing oxygen analyzers with the highest precision on the world market.

In terms of accuracy, reliability and robustness, no competitor is able to reach the quality of ENOTEC. In addition, we aim to provide you with an innovative solution for each individual industrial analyzing problem. We therefore offer the OXITEC® O2 analyzers in different versions, that cover different applications.


The OXITEC® 5000 inSitu analyzer for flue and process gases is used for process control in combustion plants and withstands a temperature up to 1,400°C. The oxygen sensor enables fuel and combustion optimization as well as emission measurements. The OXITEC® 5000 GasEx O2 analyzer is suitable for gas hazardous areas such as refineries, natural gas liquefaction plants, petrochemical plants and mixed gas combustion plants. The OXITEC® Economy oxygen analyzer is ideal for small combustion plants. The OXITEC® 500E has been specifically designed for continuous extractive O2 measurement in 19" analyzer cabinets.

ENOTEC offers also more advanced gas analyzer products. Have a look at our products now!

  • Sustainable process analysis
  • Emissions reduction
  • Robust measuring sensors
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • On request: lease our analysis systems!
  • OXITEC® for precise and reliable O2 measurement
  • Emission management and measurement with ENOTEC products
  • ENOTEC - a leader in the flue and process gas analysis