OXITEC O2 Analyzers

Fast and precise O2 measurement

Safe and efficient combustion process require fast and exact O2 measurement. The oxygen concentration after combustion is the parameter which needs to be controlled.

Low excess O2 is an indicator of an incomplete combustion. High excess O2 results in higher fuel usage as the volume of excess air is heated up unnecessarily.

OXITEC® 5000

Durable oxygen analyzers for exact and fast process control. The OXITEC® 5000 oxygen analyzer is developed and manufactured in Germany by ENOTEC.

OXITEC 5000 oxygen analyzer for fast process control

OXITEC® 5000 GasEx

The rugged OXITEC® 5000 GasEx analyzers provide safe and reliable InSitu O2 measurements.


 OXITEC GasEx - oxygen analyzer for InSitu in gas explosion zones 1/2


The extractive OXITEC® 500E analyzer in a 19 " rack for installation in analyzer cabinets was developed for continuous O2 measurement and contains the same sensor technology used in the proven OXITEC® 5000 InSitu oxygen analyzers.

 extractive oxygen Analyzer - OXITEC 500E