OXITEC® Economy

Fast and precise O2 measurement

OXITEC® Economy

Countless OXITEC® Economy installations worldwide are proof of the system‘s reliability and durability over many years for InSitu O2 measurement.

The OXITEC® Economy is a durable analyzer and comprises a probe, probe cable with industrial plug for quick installation and an electronic unit. This entry-level model of our high quality product line of analyzers can be used for small to medium size boilers.

OXITEC® Economy analyzer systems has been utilized successfully for many years in thousands of installations which speaks volumes of the high level of durability and service life.

The filter head with its standard sintered metal filter allows for the installation of the probe in high dust flue gases. The same O2 sensor which is installed in all OXITEC® 5000 probes, is installed in the Economy probe. This sensor is soldered in with a special technique and has a large active surface which ensures high accuracy and fast measurement even after years of service.

Technical Data
Insertion depth of probe
up to 500 mm
O2 ranges
0 - 25 % O2
(others on request)
Measurement accuracy
< 0.5 % of measured value or
0.02 Vol % O2
(higher value valid)
Reaction time
< 1 sec. (on test gas)
Process gas temperature
max. 400 °C
Ambient temperature
-40 °C to 80 °C (probe)
-20 °C to 55 °C (electronic unit)
IP code
IP20 (probe)
IP66 (electronic unit)
  • Small and medium sized boilers
  • High accuracy
  • No reference air supply necessary
  • Plug & play installation
  • Sensor life expectancy on display
  • Gas tight sensor construction
  • Self-monitoring
  • Fast InSitu measurement


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