O2 Measurement

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OXITEC® - our O2 analyzers for precise and reliable oxygen measurement

An exact O2 measurement is essential for optimal combustion control to reduce energy consumption and keep emissions low. For accurate measurements, one must rely on precise and accurate technology for flue gas and process analysisENOTEC provides you with innovative products that are manufactured by skilled and motivated employees in Germany.

Developed by ENOTEC, the OXITEC® 5000 is in use in thousands of power plants and incinerators the world over, and this for good reason. The continuous development has resulted in O2 sensors with the highest accuracy. This precision is ensured with high quality materials, constant R&D, stringent internal quality assessments and the ISO9001 quality assurance system.

Information and applications

ENOTEC oxygen analyzer systems are available in various models tailored to permanently minimize your overall energy consumption and to optimize the combustion by exactly controlling combustion processes. OXITEC® 5000 is the industry standard for precise measurement, irrespective of the fuel used. OXITEC® 5000 GasEx O2 analyzer systems are ATEX certified for hazardous areas. The ENSITU® 7000 oxygen analyzers ideal for small combustion plants and the OXITEC® 500E O2 analyzer in a 19 "rack is ideal for extractive measurement in analyzer cabinets.

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  • Sustainable process analysis
  • Emissions reduction
  • Robust measuring sensors
  • Reduction of energy consumption
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  • Emission measuring instruments by ENOTEC
  • A leader in the field of flue and process analysis
  • Reliable oxygen measurement with OXITEC® 5000