Humidity Measurement

More than 35 years of experience

Measuring humidity to optimize your drying processes

ENOTEC manufactures analyzers for measurement of water vapor. The continuous measurement of moisture is essential in fields of manufacturing where drying processes are involved such as gypsum board. Drying processes are very energy intensive. Control and Optimization of these processes thereof will ensure fast and effective drying results and thus save energy. Saving energy also means reducing emissions. This makes it easier to comply with legal emission limits. In addition, water vapor measurements are also useful in many other areas such as detecting cracks or leaks in pipes or boilers. Have a detailed look at our O2/H2O analyzers now!

Regardless of the reason you would use a H2O analyzer in your drying unit, whether for the drying of gypsum board or tobacco leaves, one can always have trust in the precision and reliability of ENOTEC analyzer systems - also thanks to the stringent quality assessment and the ISO9001 quality assurance system.

Economical and accelerated drying processes

For water vapour measurements we recommend AQUATEC®. The AQUATEC® 1000 allows a fast oxygen and humidity measurement in order to optimize drying processes. For dual measurement of O2 and H2O in flue gases or other non-combustible gases, we recommend the AQUATEC® 2000. This measuring system consists of two serially installed in situ oxygen probes, each with the proven and perfected by InSitu sensor technology. This pioneering technology allows a straightforward measurement of moisture for the detection of tube cracks and the determination of O2 and humidity to measure emissions.This pioneering technology allows a straightforward measurement of moisture for the detection of tube cracks as well as the determination of O2 and humidity in emission measurements.

  • Sustainable process analysis
  • Emissions reduction
  • Robust measuring sensors
  • Reduction of energy consumption
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  • Analyzer systems from the market leader
  • ENOTEC: For any problem, a suitable oxygen analyzer
  • OXITEC® for precise and reliable O2 measurement