OXITEC oxygen analyzers

OXITEC® 5000

Durable O2 analyzers developed and manufactured by ENOTEC in Germany.
The OXITEC® 5000 delivers fast and accurate measurement for effective combustion control. Recommended especially for aggressive flue gas conditions.

COMTEC O2/COe analyzers

COMTEC® O2/COe Analyzers

The COMTEC® 6000 InSitu analyzer combines the MXP sensor for COe analysis with the technology of MLT sensor for Omeasurement for optimal combustion  control.

CEMTEC gas sampling system

CEMTEC ® Gas sampling system

The robust self-cleaning CEMTEC® kiln inlet probe - for continuous analysis of flue gas in cement plant rotary kilns with the goal of reducing fuel usage and harmful emissions.

ENSITU 7000 O2 transmitter probe

ENSITU® 7000

The ENSITU®  7000 O2 transmitter probe. For small sized boiler and furnace applications.

Decades of experience in design and construction of highest quality analyzers have resulted in the ENSITU® 7000, a budget friendly O2 transmitter probe, made by ENOTEC.

SILOTEC 8000 O2/COe analyzer


The self-monitoring SILOTEC® 8000 was developed for ATEX Zone 20 safety monitoring in silos. 
Simultaneous measurement of COe and O2 enables the detection of smoldering fires and can atomically trigger an inertisation in this event.

AQUATEC O2/H20 analyzers


AQUATEC® 1000 delivers quick and reliable measurement of drying processes to optimize the drying time and energy usage of e.g. drywalls or tobacco leaves.


Simple analyzer control

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