Gas Analyzers

More than 35 years of experience

Gas analyzer systems from ENOTEC

ENOTEC gas analyzer systems are used in virtually all areas of combustion optimization and emission monitoring. Gas Analyzers from ENOTEC can be used for a great range of applications. For instance, the use of oxygen analyzer systems can minimize the energy consumption of combustion processes, or by water vapour measurements, the energy consumption of drying processes can be reduced. This leads to a better emission management and control and will not only save costs but also makes a valuable contribution to the protection of the environment. Invest in ENOTEC analyzer systems and invest in the future!

ENOTEC analyzer systems are characterized mainly by their precision and robustness. The analyzer systems are manufactured in Germany, measure flawlessly and are practically maintenance free. This quality is guaranteed by the ISO9001 quality assurance and certified by a German test institute. Not without reason is ENOTEC the market leader in flue and process gas analysis.


ENOTEC specializes in the manufacturing of ATEX certified analyzer systems. We produce O2 or O2/COe analyzers for Gas Ex zone 1/2 and for dust hazardous zones 21/22. Whether for oxygen analysis for small and medium sized combustion plants, analysis in large combustion chambers, humidity measurements or for continuous measurements in high temperature installations such as inlet chambers of rotary kilns in cement plants, ENOTEC has the know-how and the right solution and product for your analyzer problem.

  • Sustainable process analysis
  • Emissions reduction
  • Robust measuring sensors
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • On request: lease our analysis systems!
  • For every challenge, the fitting oxygen analyzers
  • OXITEC® for a precise and dependable O2 measurement
  • ENOTEC emission measuring instruments