Flue Gas Analysis

More than 35 years of experience

Innovative products for flue gas analysis by ENOTEC

In the field of flue gas analysis, precision is required. Put your trust  in ENOTEC, the market leader in process and flue gas analysis. It is common knowledge that ENOTEC gas sensors have the highest measurement accuracy on the world market. These extremely robust sensors, manufactured in Germany by ENOTEC, set global standards in process and flue gas analysis.

Our strength lies, amongst others in oxygen analysis for small and medium-sized combustion plants, flue gas analysis in large combustion chambers , and continuous measurements in high temperature inlet chambers of rotary kilns in cement plants. For each of these areas offers ENOTEC suitable products for flue gas analysis.


A particular highlight of ENOTEC's is the production of explosion protected analyzer systems, including ATEX certified O2 or O2/COe gas analyzers for Gas Ex zones 1/2 or dust Ex zones 21/22. The quality and safety standards of these products are second to none and are certified by ISO9001 and an independent German test institute.

Make use of ENOTEC's analyzer systems to permanently minimize your overall energy consumption and to optimise the combustion by exactly controlling ongoing processes. OXITEC® O2 analyzer systems for the accurate measurement of oxygen in processes with temperatures up to 1400°C, COMTEC® for dual in situ measurement O2 and COfor combustion optimization, AQUATEC® for precise water vapor measurements to control drying processes and CEMTEC® for continuous and reliable flue gas analysis in high temperature combustion chambers.

  • Sustainable process analysis
  • Emissions reduction
  • Robust measuring sensors
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • On request: lease our analysis systems!
  • Precise oxygen analysis - Technology from the market leader
  • Unmatched combustion optimisation and emissions monitoring
  • Optimall humidity control by exact water vapour measurement