Emissions Measurement

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ENOTEC emission monitoring instruments

Emission measurements in power plants and incinerators are essential to control not only the combustion processes, but if necessary to optimize them. Measurements of the emitted flue gases are made to check whether the emmision levels prescribed by governmental agencies are being observed.

However, not every analyzer system is suitable for measurement in every installation. ENOTEC therefore offers a wide range of flue gas and process gas analyzers, which can be used as an emission measurement. The OXITEC® 5000 oxygen analyzer is sold worldwide and is renowned for its accuracy and robustness. It is used in combustion systems with temperatures up to 1,400°C for fuel and combustion optimization and allows rapid and accurate monitoring of processes and emission measurements.


The COMTEC® 6000 is available as a DustEx version and is suitable for use in Ex protection zones 21/22 and is also available for Gas Ex protection zones 1/2. Both analyzers meet all requirements to work in such environments, which is confirmed by the ATEX certification. By precisely measuring the oxygen and COe content in flue, safe and optimized operation of incineration plants is possible. The safetyis increased by helping to identify and avoid undesirable developments earlier in the process.

ENOTEC produces the AQUATEC® 2000 for emission measurement in process driven systems. With the AQUATEC® 2000 it is possible to measure emissions and water vapour in flue from incineration processes.

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