Real-time communication between smart device and analyzer

Secure, simple and convenient control of the ENOTEC analyzer product family.

The ENOTEC REMOTE app combines the latest communication technology with decades of analytical experience. It allows you to remotely control  ENOTEC analyzers using your smart device via a secure wireless connection.

The operation of your analyzer has never been easier.

  • The ENOTEC REMOTE application allows you to control your ENOTEC analyzer comfortably from a distance.
  • Secure 128 bit encryption between smart device and ENOTEC analyzer
  • Operate ATEX analyzers in Zone 1/2 applications while adhering to safety protocols.
  • Perform all of operations on ATEX analyzers safely using an ATEX certified smart device.
  • The communication between smartphone and analyzer takes place in a range up to 100 meters.

The communication is in real time, allowing you to carry out tasks and to view and save process and analyzer related data in real time. Save this data to your phone and send this file to colleagues or directly to ENOTEC for support.

Technical Data
up to 100 meters
Android OS
4.1 or higher
Reaction time
< 1 s
ENOTEC REMOTE interface for ENOTEC analyzers

Safe and convenient operation of the analyzer in hazardous areas with ATEX certified smartphones, as well as in all safe areas with Android smartphones.

Convenient display of process data in real time on your smartphone.

Simple analyzer configurations and easy system check.

Comfortable system remote calibration using all SME-5 electronic calibration functions

Save all analyzer information and process data on your smartphone and send the data to colleagues for an evaluation or to ENOTEC for support.


The easiest and most convenient way to control your ENOTEC analyzer.

Operate ENOTEC analyzers in hazardous areas without comprimising safety protocols.

Remotly control the analyzers over a secure connection with distances of up to 100 meters.

Download all analyzer or process information in a few seconds onto your smartphone.

Representation of process and measurement data in real time on a smartphone or tablet.

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