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Gas sensing solutions

ENOTEC manufactures precise and durable analyzers. To ensure this high level of quality, the complete process of planning, development and engineering is carried out by a dedicated workforce in Germany.

A leader in the field of process and flue gas analysis, ENOTEC produces gas analyzers for process and for CEMS, resulting in minimized energy consumption, reduced emissions and optimal process control.

Whether for oxygen analysis for small to medium sized furnaces, O2 and COe analysis in large combustion chambers or continuous high temperature gas measurements in kiln inlets in cement plants, ENOTEC has the expertise and the right product.

EX protected gas analyzers are a specialty of ENOTEC as we produce ATEX certified O2 analyzers and O2/COe analyzers for Gas Ex zones 1/2 and for Dust Ex zones 21/22.
Here ENOTEC products set an unparalleled standard on the world market. The stringent quality assurance tests we put our analyzers through and the certification from a leading German testing house guarantee precision and the highest safety standard available.

ENOTEC also manufactures analyzer systems for humidity measurements, indispensable in the production of gypsum boards (plasterboards) or the optimization of other drying processes. Humidity measurements are also useful in many other areas, such as detecting cracked or leaking boilers.

Find out more about our analyzers and emission measurements:
OXITEC® O2 analyzer systems guarantee an accurate oxygen analysis in all processes with temperatures up to 1400°C.
COMTEC® analyzers are ideal for combustion optimization through fast O2/COe process analysis.
CEMTEC® enables continuous and reliable flue gas measurement in high temperature kilns or combustion chambers.
SILOTEC® , for continuous InSitu ATEX Zone 20 safety monitoring in coal silos and others containing potentially combustible dust hazards.
AQUATEC® analyzer systems precisely measure water vapor and control drying processes. 
Our product range is complemented by sophisticated solutions in the field of System Integration and through customized services.


Gas / oil / coal boilers

Cement and lime plants


Petrochemical plants

Biomass combustion

Waste incinerators

Ship's boilers

Drying plants

Inert processes


Sludge incineration

Silo safety monitoring


Reheating furnaces

Pulp / paper manufacturing

Coal grinding plants