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    O2 Analyzer

    Oxygen analyzers for exact, quick and durable combustion control. Confidence in measurement technology can only be created if the oxygen analysis in the combustion process is precise, the measurement is fast and the analyzer construction is robust. The OXITEC® 5000 Oxygen analyzer, manufactured in Germany by ENOTEC, completely meets these requirements.

    O2 / COe Analyzer

    The COMTEC® 6000 is an In Situ analyzer for measurement of oxygen and COe (sum of unburned molecules such as carbon monoxide, methane or hydrogen) in flue and process gases. This enables the redundant measurement with high accuracy in real time. This is achieved by combining the MXP sensor for COe analysis with the technology of MLT sensor which measures oxygen content.The COMTEC® 6000 ensures combustion optimisation through accurate and reliable gas analysis.

    O2 / H2O Analyzer

    The drying of a product is an energy intensive part of its production, irrespective of whether for instance gipsum or tobacco leaves are being dried. A quick and reliable measurement of the drying progress reduces the drying time considerably and therefore enables the optimisation of energy usage.

    for cement plants

    CEMTEC® was developed for continuous analysis of flue gas in rotary kilns and other extremely dusty high temperature processes such as cement plants, with the goal of increasing product quality with reduced fuel useage while simultaneously reducing harmful emissions. Particularly in view of the increasing usage of alternative fuels in rotary kilns and large combustion chambers, the on-site gas analysis has become ever more important